General Rules

1. Hours of operation will be posted at the gate. The pool may be closed during the swimming season due to poor weather at the discretion of the Pool Manager, the Lifeguard, or a member of the Board of Directors. A member of the Board of Directors must be notified of closure.

2. The pool may be closed without notice, if required for maintenance.

3. There shall be a competent Lifeguard on duty during hours as posted at the Gate.

4. The Pool Manager and Lifeguard are authorized by the Board of Directors to evict any person for the balance of the day, or lesser time at his/her discretion, for disorderly conduct on the pool premises. The facts of any eviction must be made known to a member of the Board of Directors, in writing.

5. Parents, whether present or not, are legally responsible when their children are on the pool premises. Parents are required to familiarize their children and themselves with these rules.

6. A list of members and their families will be kept at the gate, which will allow verification of club members and age of child member.

7. No animals are allowed within the pool and enclosure.

8. If you leave your child with another adult, be sure that adult is not watching more than four children at one time.

9. No skateboards, roller blades, or bicycles allowed within the sport courts or pool deck. Bicycles are to be parked at the designated bicycle area outside the pool enclosure.

10. No children under the age of 13 without an adult and have passed swimming competency test.


Pool Safety

1. No Running! If you ever see anyone running on the pool deck, you must tell them to stop.

2. No disorderly conduct! (NO Dunking, NO Pushing, NO Throwing persons in, etc.)

3. No gum allowed in pool area (grass area OK).

4. Kick boards are used for swimming only. If a swimmer uses one for another purpose

jumping, standing, clobbering or sitting it shall be removed.

5. Diving board and diving area rules:

a. Only one person on the diving board at a time.

b. Each diver may take only one bounce on the diving board.

c. Always dive straight off the front of the board.

d. No fins on the diving board.

e. No flotation devices on the diving board.

f. Be sure the diver ahead of you is touching a wall before you dive.

g. No hanging on the underside of the board.

h. No swimming in the diving area. This is for diving only. The exception is if the lifeguard agrees to close the board for deep water games.

i. You may dive from the side of the pool if you dive parallel to the board, that is, in the same direction as the board from the poolside.

j. Do not hang on the rope separating the diving area.

6. ONLY at the lifeguards discretion AND if the pool is not crowded AND the activity does not interfere with others:

1. Balls and throwing toys may be used in the pool

2. Rafts and larger flotation devices may be used

3. Flotation aids (water wings and vests) may be used and ONLY if a supervising adult is in the water with the child




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