Currently we have three classes of members:

Active Regular Members:  this class is currently defined as people who pay the full Annual dues and have full voting rights, invited to all club events, news letters and club parties.  To maintain Active membership status you must pay your full Annual dues under the schedule set by the board. Once you are a member, you may change your status to Inactive, senior, rent out your membership or sell your membership.

The Club allows a total number of inactive members and Senior members to be 15% of the total membership for the foreseeable future. If there are more applicants then slots for Senior membership, eligibility would be based on longest tenure with the club.

Inactive members:  this class of membership is defined in the By-Laws as people who have temporarily suspended their rights of access to the club,who do not have voting rights and who pay a percentage of the annual dues.  A regular member may select inactive status for a total of two years which do not have to be sequential. (This was a recognition by the club founders that people may want to take the occasional year off and travel or just not use the club.)

Senior members:  This is a classification of members whose use of the pool has waned since their children are no longer of swim team age, but who wish to continue to use the pool.  Under the current understanding, Senior members pay a percentage of the Annual Dues and are exempt from the work party obligation.


As NON Members, want to try our our club, you have three options.  

Renters:  A family may ‘rent’ a membership from the club. The renter is responsible for paying the full annual dues.  A renter has all of the access to the pool that an Active member has.  A renter has the same work party obligation that a member has. A renter may not vote on any club business. The Club will rent a membership to a family for one year only.  Once a family rents a membership, they may not change their status in subsequent years down to Splash fee.

Tenants:  A family may ‘rent’ a membership from an Active Member. The Active Member is responsible for paying the full annual dues, generally collected in full from the Tenant.  The tenant has all of the access to the pool that an Active member has; the actual owner of the membership has no access rights during the time that they are renting to a Tenant.  A member may rent a membership to a Tenant for as long as they choose.  Either the member or the tenant must fulfill the member¹s work party obligation. Tenants must be approved by IVSC board.

Splash Fees:  A family that wants their child to join the swim team may pay a splash fee to the club to entitle the child to participate in the team related events practices, meets, age group events, Wacky Wednesday, etc.  The family must also pay the going rate for Swim Team participation in addition to the Splash Fee.  Neither the child nor the family have any access rights to the pool other than for Swim Team events. A family paying a Splash Fee may do so for one year only, and then must either rent, become a tenant, or join the club if they want their children to continue on the team. The Splash fee program is intended to introduce families to the Team and the Club and as such is really a marketing effort, not a long term membership choice.  A Splash fee family has no work party obligation to the club, but must fulfill the work party obligations required for team participation.


For list of Board Members and Pool Contacts, please go to Contacts

To Apply Click Here: (You will be directed to an event page on the Indian Valley Swim Team website.  This is for billing purposes only).  Download the application and fill it out. Then click on register.  You can either pay with credit card or by check.

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