Membership Info & Forms


Every year, all club members contribute a 4 hour work duty to the club. A $300 deposit is also required from each member. In case the 4 hours aren’t fulfilled, the $300 deposit is forfeited to the club. If a club member has done their 4 hour work duty, their $300 deposit gets rolled over the following year.

We have two annual ALL members work parties.  A clean up party to open the pool club, usually 2 weeks before opening date and a “close the club” clean up usually in October. We send out emails and posts to inform club members when these important work parties are scheduled. The work parties do not have an ending time established and are on a first come first served basis.  If members would like to be assured of their work duty completion they should sign up for a set duty.  

Events: You can also watch for emails and news about upcoming events where we need members to host and lead. 

You can also offer to do something that you feel our club can benefit from. Just contact one of the board members. 

 You can contact anyone on the board for more information or if you’d like to help.

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