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The Indian Valley Swim Club provides a place for families to swim, play tennis, socialize and enjoy outdoor activities in the center of Walnut Creek. Along with having the most beautiful setting of any swim club in Walnut Creek, IVSC offers activities to families of all ages!

Swim Club Property: As a member of the club you will be a co-owner of the facilities and the 7 acres of land on which the club stands. Over 3 acres have been developed and include the pool, clubhouse, basketball court, bocce ball courts, parking lot and surrounding grounds. Established in 1959, IVSC has had thousands of members throughout its existence. It has a long tradition of providing a community for families to strengthen their relationships with their neighbors and for children to establish lifelong friendships in the pursuit of healthy, personal goals. One Olympian (in water polo) and one World Champion Swimmer (bronze medal 2009) were members of the club and swim team.   


*Swim team 4-18 years old – The swim team uses the pool every weekday morning during the summer season for practices and occasional Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings for swim meets.

*Meeting place/party facility – Members may use the facility to host parities. 

*Basketball Court – The basketball court is available at all times the pool is open, including the mornings while the swim team is practicing. 

*Bocce Ball Courts –  The bocce court will be open all times the pool is open.

The club also sponsors social activities for adults and for families. Family fun days, chili cook outs, movie nights and much more!


Your membership in the club is one time fee:   $250

2023 Annual Membership Fee: $850 (lifeguards, utilities, insurance, maintenance and upkeep)

Work party deposit: 4 hour work party obligation is $300. If you opt out of your 4-hour work obligation, your deposit is forfeited. When service hours are fulfilled, your deposit will remain on file for the following year or you may request an immediate refund of your deposit.

2023 Senior Membership: $425

Lifetime Membership: The lifetime membership fee is seven times the current annual dues ($850) and is due prior to May 1 of the calendar year.  For 2023 the fee is $5,950 and covers your immediate family only.  Starting the second year of membership and each subsequent year thereafter, you will be billed $100 per year to retain your active lifetime membership. There are no work party requirements for lifetime members. Applications for the lifetime membership are subject to IVSC board approval.

Swim Team fees are separate and depend on the number of swimmers you have.

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