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IVST Coaches 2014  

Peter Cromlin has been named the Head Coach for the 2014 season.  We are so excited to have Peter.  Peter is a life-long member of the IVST community as both a swimmer and previous coach.  Since he last coached at IVST, Peter has traveled and coached with some of the best Summer Rec and USS coaches on the West Coast helping both the novice learn to love swimming and the elite reach new levels of excellence.  His technical knowledge and passion for instruction is only matched by his love for IVST and his desire to return one day as head coach.  That day has come and we couldn't be luckier.    


We have also named our assistant coaches, and feel blessed to have such a dedicated group of young instructors dedicated to our mission of helping every swimmer learn to love swimming.



Peter Cromlin, Head Coach  - email

Peter Cromelin started swimming for Indian Valley swim team in 1992. He swam for 13 years and finished in 2004. Peter was a four year varsity swimmer for Las Lomas high school and was captain of both the swim team and water polo team his senior year.  In 2005 Peter began coaching for Indian Valley and spent four years as an assistant coach.  From Indian Valley he went on to coach for 680 Drivers water polo, the Danville Sea Devils, and the Meadow Blue swim team.  In 2012 Peter moved to Portland Oregon, where he was the head coach for the Oak Hills Otters and worked year round for The Dolphins Swim Team.  Peter has a love and passion for the sport of swimming that he tries to instill in all his swimmers.  He want the to improve their swimming and site it best while still having fun and enjoying the sport.


Assistant Coaches

Michael Jamieson - email

Ryan Sevilla - email

Scott Russell - email

Madeleine Levy - email

Austin Warner